Friday, January 2, 2009

for the love of satire

It's guys like Chris Hardwick that make me love journalism again.

I saw his article in the latest issue of Wired (I'm a bit behind) and couldn't help but salute his genius.

Not only does he do a decent job of reviewing time-saving self-help books, he does it with whit and humor that entertains. I love this article, from the quirky photos illustrating Hardwick's jam-packed life—something every journalist can relate to—to the way he organizes his trials and tribulations into a day by day diary. Hardwick's writing so self-aware; he pokes fun at idea of efficency training and himself in a way that comes off great. His writing style even makes me feel the rushed chaos that is his life (don't I know it well). No, it's not hard hitting or impactful, but it's damn funny.

Update: He also has a blog that's equally good.

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