Tuesday, February 17, 2009

photo finish in Phoenix

Today in my Online Media class, we ran all over downtown Phoenix on a photo scavenger hunt — BEST CLASS PROJECT EVER!

Our teacher justified the event by saying we needed to get accustomed to using the Sony camcorders. Whatever. I partnered with Tess and we headed toward Roosevelt, hoping to grab something artsy and unusual. We never made it. On the way, we discovered tons of awesome photos, including a baby with his two understanding and hard-to-freak-out caretakers.

I also had to sprint to catch up with this guy, but it was worth it.

It's amazing how many photo opportunities you can come across if you simply look for them. Downtown Phoenix is more alive than people think.

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Bri said...

I saw that guy with the sail attached to his skateboard go by outside my cubicle window. I wanted so badly to get a picture of him! Nice photos.