Sunday, March 8, 2009

always the journalist, even on vacation

I don't usually preview events in my blog, but this is a sweet exception.

I'm headed to New York City tomorrow! It's all pretty exciting, and I anticipate being exceedingly busy while I'm there. I'll be spending a ton of time with my girlfriend—my reason for going—and just generally enjoying my spring break. However, interesting occurrences always beget interesting blog posts, so look for those soon-ly.

This will be my first time ever in the city. I'm eager to experience it for myself and stop referencing my friends' experiences or the media "Big Apple." While I'll no doubt do touristy things, my girlfriend also has a list of "underground" or "local-only" things to show me. I'll probably end up sharing them with the world via blog. Because that's what journalists do, right?

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