Friday, December 12, 2008

holiday first fridays

So, a week after actually going to First Fridays in Phoenix, I'm going to post about it!
For those who don't know First Fridays, it's a monthly art walk downtown along Roosevelt Street and the area immediately surrounding. Started about 10 years ago, the event has grown exponentially in the past five, becoming so large the city expanded it, closing an entire street south of Roosevelt for vendors. I wrote an article dealing with Roosevelt earlier in the year so I also know the city plans to close a second street starting in January.

For me, the most important component of First Fridays is the atmosphere. Particularly as the night progresses, there's a feeling of youthful expression and experimentation—art and independence everywhere. Creativity seems to feed off of itself and things get progressively more crazy the later you stay.
Case in point: impromptu break dancing ring—

also, guy with flaming staff—

Sheriff Joe hatin'—

It was cold enough to warrant a light over shirt—wintery enough for Phoenix residents. Vendors pleaded, "last chance for holiday gifts" and the like. January should be colder, though I'm starting to doubt the weather's ability to change at this point.

There was also an incident with two, flannel-obsessed girls, possibly wasted, who seemed friendly enough until they suddenly flipped shit on my friend for giving them "that look." Good times.

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