Saturday, December 13, 2008

how long a moment lives

I’m standing here holding you
Surprised your head still fits
like a puzzle-piece prong
between my chest and chin

Moments before
you ran to press your smile into me
Your coats and bag
flung in haste to the floor

You hit me
a gale that takes my breath
and for a conscious second
we are every cliché couple

reunited in countless rendezvous before
Wordless in bliss
Tangible and real
I will my nerves to remember this touch

and give them time
to settle a debt they’ve long endured
My other eager senses
jealously screaming to experience

The pressures of embrace fade
and you move away
to hug your patient parents
But I’m still a flash behind

Floating blind in the moment of contact
Feeling full to fulfillment
I can already tell
I won’t discern another thing all night

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